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Our eLearning Courses

The GWD Training site is committed to making sure that our training courses are available online for free and that those who want to are able to take part in appropriate professional development.

A number of online modules are available for you to complete at your own pace from anywhere with internet access, whether that be your office, on a train, or the comfort of your sofa, making them ideal for people who find it difficult to travel to events.

These courses are intended as an introduction to WordPress and other web based business solutions and are provided free of charge without warrenty. We will be adding new courses regularly.

The modules have been designed to suit all learning styles and because they are done online it means you can spend 20 minutes here or an hour there working on them at your leisure, there are no time constraints and you can resit the quiz for each module as many times as is necessary.

What are the benefits of e-Learning?

  • Choose from a range of courses to suit your needs, do them all if you wish.
  • e-Learning is self-directed, meaning you can choose what you want to do and learn in a style that suits your needs and skill levels.
  • Courses can take between 1-3 hours to complete
  • e-Learning is self-paced, flexible and convenient. You choose when you want to access your learning – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Eliminates geographical barriers, allowing you to access your modules wherever you are.
  • Course materials can be read online and accessed anywhere with an internet connection.

To get access to 100% of our training resources and your very own website to practice with you need to register a site and username here.

How do I access a course?

All of your e-Learning courses will be stored on the GWD Training website and can be accessed by loggin in. To access your courses, go to the www.gwdtraining.com website and click on ‘Courses -> My Courses’. To access new courses just go to ‘Courses’.

Your available e-Learning courses will be shown in the My Courses section. Click on the link in the title of the course you want to access.

On this page there will be a ‘progress meter’ for the course and you will see which lessons have been completed from the course. Clicking on the lesson will pick up where you left off, including displaying any scores for the lesson quiz that you have acheived.

Access to your e-Learning course is valid forever from the day you start the course, so if you need to brush up just go back and refresh yourself.

If you have accessed multiple e-Learning courses and you want to switch between courses you can do so by clicking on the ‘My Courses’ menu item, which appears on the GWD Training website.

Enquires and questions relating e-Learning courses should be directed to the support forum/Q&A section.

Benefits of belonging

Anyone interested in setting up their own website or learning some new skills can take advantage of the many benefits of belonging by subscribing to GWD Training. If you haven’t already, create a free user account and website.

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